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Please remember that we are a non-profit site on a shoestring budget. We will NOT answer questions that can easily be answered by simple web searches. We also cannot answer most questions in subjects where we do not have expertise. We are not experts in how to take care of individual animals (ask a vet or a wildlife rehabilitator). We are not experts in pest control or managing problem wildlife. You may follow the 'ask a question' link below if you would like to find our help pages on these subjects, but please keep in mind that we cannot answer questions about these issues.

Even if we can answer your question, it will probably take us at least a week to get to it. If you need an answer in less than a week, we recommend asking your local librarian.

Here are a few things you should try first:

Some common questions

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Submit a question to BioKIDS: We try to answer questions about animal biodiversity in a timely fashion, but because of staffing limitations cannot respond to questions needing urgent responses.

Notify us of an error: Please use this form to indicate factual inaccuracies, writing errors, or missing information in our accounts. We are very grateful to astute users for helping us to improve site content. Because of staffing limitations we are unable to respond immediately to your mail, but we do strive to reply to all error reports.

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