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Wildlife Control and Pest Management

Are you having trouble with animals in or near your home or garden?

Living with wildlife can sometimes pose problems or cause concerns. We do not have experience with pest management or wildlife control, including controlling slugs, trapping woodchucks, or deterring coyotes. Please do not send us questions on these issues, we cannot answer them!

Below we have compiled a set of links and resources that will help you find the answers to your questions. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of information on these sites, but we have chosen sites for the quality of the information they contain.

We have also put together a set of pages designed to address issues around animals that we often receive questions about, these are: Bats, Bears, Coyotes, Fishers, Foxes, Squirrels and Woodchucks

Wildlife Control and Pest Management Links:

Wildlife Management Services & Suggestions, City of Toronto

Woodchuck Damage Control

Skunk Control

Squirrel Control

University of Michigan Museum of ZoologyNational Science Foundation

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